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What is Creating Life By Design?

Tabatha DeBruyn's Creating Life By Design was founded on the belief that we are innately powerful and expressive souls that lose ourselves to the negative external influences along the way.

Our world is filled with conformists, people who follow the herd and settle for doing and having much less than they are capable of creating. You are here to make a difference, here to help raise the consciousness of the world and to leave an incredible footprint.   Her own struggle with mediocrity, needing external validation and low self confidence, inspired her to create a platform to help others realize that they are powerful beyond their current understanding.  Tabatha’s intention is to increase your awareness, give you tools, and hold unconditionally loving space for you so that you may shift from a fear-based, ego-screaming style of thought to an inspired, heart-based, ego-quieting knowing.

Tabatha’s Creating Life By Design is a set of practices that are specifically designed to help you realize, or remember, that you are at your most spectacular when you stand firmly in your self-expression and live as a confident, enlightened individual. At your core, you are perfect. This is the truth. You are an original expression of infinite potential with endless possibilities, and your authentic self-expression is needed right now. You are valuable, deserving and capable of living a life you love.

The Mission

Through Creating Life By Design, Tabatha is driven to help you embrace how freak'n amazing you are. You may not see it yet, or more importantly feel it, but you are powerful beyond your imagination. It is time to embrace your full potential.

Set yourself free to express all your potential and power because the possibilities of what you can achieve are limitless.

The Method

Tabatha DeBruyn's Creating Life By Design is the life changing resource that utilizes substantiated subconscious reprogramming methods, specifically activating the Reticular Activating system to provide awareness of important information, opportunities and possibilities.  By accessing the theta brain wave state and implementing a consistent practice of affirmations and clear present tense intentions, you will transmute old limiting programming, transcend fear and create new neural pathways to build awareness, beliefs and confidence that support your expansion.  These tools, when implemented, help individuals have the courage to realize their true and infinite potential.  Tabatha uses proven methods to help reprogram the subconscious and remove the barriers that have been blocking your possible successes.

Through scientifically backed exercises and metaphysical techniques, Tabatha will give you the skills to build your confidence so you may experience joy, passion, and exquisite inner harmony. When you assimilate the information she offers, you will be moved to frolic in your ability to self-love and create a magic-carpet-ride life rather than continue to live in fear, mediocrity, and distraction. You will learn to take 100 per cent responsibility, without judgment, for the life that has unfolded thus far, viewing it as perfect and filled with gifts and lessons. It is time to be grateful for the gifts, stop playing the victim, and start living an empowered, extraordinary life.


The Best in Me Honours the Best In You

One of the greatest lessons I’ve taken away from Tabatha’s teachings is that change starts with me. I now feel confident and inspired to create the life I truly desire.  
— Client, Entrepreneur

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About Tabatha

Tabatha DeBruyn is an inner harmony expert, a success coach, an author, motivational speaker and a field leader and Executive National Vice President with a Health and Wellness Social Marketing company.  Her book is called Ordinary to Extraordinary: An Inspired Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams. In her private practice her passion is to teach others to tap into their infinite potential and stand confidently and joyfully in the power of their true self expression.  Tabatha has been personally trained by some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry.

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As a mom of two teenage boys, a former high school teacher and a trainer for thousands of start up entrepreneurs, she has extensive experience in helping people transcend fear and step into their power.  Her philanthropic work includes mission work in Guatemala and helping spearhead a Wellness Centre for Front Line Workers with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. Tabatha’s training specializes in subconscious programming and she is currently a doctoral candidate in Metaphysical Psychology at the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. 

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Have questions? Contact Tabatha directly to address specific questions or discuss personalized programs.


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