The possibilities of what you can achieve are limitless. 

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Tabatha DeBruyn's Creating Life By Design offers customized motivating and coaching programs to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Through substantiated subconscious reprogramming methods, Creating Life By Design will give you the skills to build your confidence so you may experience joy, passion, and exquisite inner harmony. It is time to start living an empowered, extraordinary life.  Tabatha's full list of program packages are all specifically designed to help you live the life you were meant for.

Creating Life By Design is a place to help you realize, or remember, that you are an original expression of infinite potential with endless possibilities. Your authentic self-expression is needed right now. 


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In the THREE X 30 video coaching program, watch one 15-minute video once a day and Tabatha will help you become a happier, healthier you in 30 days. Our most popular and successful program.

PoSITIVE Programming

A guided meditation series that is filled with affirmations, soothing music, and unconditional love to help you remember the tremendous power you have within.