Intro to Your Best Self, A Personalized Program

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Program OVerview

Meet your best self through Tabatha DeBruyn's life changing 1:1 coaching program. 

Using a combination of metaphysical principles and insights drawn from neuroscience, Tabatha will personally facilitate your progress through her ten step formula.  Compassionately, yet directly, she will help you unearth old programming that no longer serves you and help you get clarity about what you desire.  She will guide you through a daily plan of action and be your private accountability partner to help you achieve the dreams you have in life. 

Program Objectives

The intention behind Intro to Your Best Self is to build absolute confidence and help you begin to see specific results. The program is the beginning of transformation, and will help provide you with a clarity in life direction, as well an action plan.  Each session of the program is designed to achieve specific objectives.

Session 1:

Identify unfulfilled potential.

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Tabatha will help you unearth the limiting beliefs that are restraining you from living in your true potential.

Session 2:

Create affirmations to reset your brain.

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By setting intentions and creating affirmations for yourself, you are able to physically reset your brain to have more serving belief pattens. Apply I AM methodology and other tangible techniques to start to change the neural pathways and remove the blockages from your subconscious mind.

Session 3:

Own the authentic self.

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Feel appreciation for your experiences, set backs, and challenges thus far. Tabatha will help you apply practices and methods that will enable you to use your new confidence and own your authentic self expression to help you on the path to the satisfied, fulfilled, life that you were meant for.

Program Details

  • Three one-hour counseling sessions with Tabatha DeBruyn.
  • Sessions to be held once a week, at a time most convenient for you.
  • 'Homework assignments' will be provided after each session to help maximize program results.
  • Total program cost: $400 

Program Outcome Guaranteed 

The proof is in the science. Scientifically, neural pathways are changed and reconfigured in 3 weeks, allowing your life and your outlook to be clear, in heightened focus, and undeniably achievable. 

The life you were meant to live will be in your grasp, and you will be motivated to reach for it.