Tabatha DeBruyn's Creating Life By Design has impacted thousands of people around the world who struggle to find their best selves and live a fulfilled and extraordinary life.  We are proud and honoured to see such widespread results.

Here are a few words from our clients who have pursued their passions, committed to their best selves, and...



Personal growth has been a part of my life for many years, however I was never getting the results I was looking for.

After our first session, Tabatha was able to pin point key struggles and offer real life strategies and tools to implement lasting change.

Working with Tabatha is essential if you want to live the life you were destined to fulfill.
— Client, Age 41, Business Owner, School Teacher

One of the greatest lessons I’ve taken away from Tabatha’s teachings is change starts with me.

Taking time to fill my own cup by eating well, exercising and looking inward has significantly impacted how I feel, how I think and how I interact with others in both my personal and professional relationships.  

I am gaining balance back in my life and feel confident and inspired to create the life I truly desire.
— Client, Age 31, Entrepreneur

After implementing Tabatha’s intention and affirmation tools into my days, I can honestly say that my life is in the best place it has ever been.  

I feel empowered and in total control of my destiny.

Thank you so much Tabatha for sharing your knowledge and allowing me to be the best version of myself.
— Client, Age 34, Marketing Professional, Sales Representative

After simply a few sessions with Tabatha, I can say I am truly living with passion.

I am setting goals I didn’t think we’re possible and achieving them.

In the past year of implementing the tools in Ordinary to Extraordinary, I have competed in my first bodybuilding competition, become part or a successful rock band, hiked an active volcano, explored Mayan ruins and met the love of my life. 
— Client, Age 32, Paramedic

When I began working with Tabatha I felt so stuck! Stuck in my business, my relationship and emotions that kept paralyzingly me.

Within one session of using Tabatha’s tools she began to unravel what I had kept tangled up for decades.  
— Client, Age 42, Entrepreneur and Life Coach

Working with Tabatha is an inspiration alone! 

My life has changed immensely from living my life day to day, same thing, push repeat, to beginning to dream again! 

When she first asked me what my dreams were in life, I had no answer.  Now, I state my intentions several times a day, by declaring what I am going to do each day has opened my very being. 

By applying the ordinary to extraordinary principles, I have been given a new beginning in life and I am now fully open to all possibilities and ready for anything! 
— Client, Age 50, Business Owner, Child and Youth Care Worker

My husband and I have been implementing the ordinary to extraordinary formula we have been taught by Tabatha and it has it changed each of us positively.

Now even our children are learning how to stay positive, how to be grateful, and how to be the best versions of themselves. Things have changed dramatically in our household in the time since we have put the tools into action.

Each day becomes more peaceful and abundant. I will be forever grateful. 
— Client, Age 34, Entrepreneur

I work as a psychotherapist and work with people on a daily basis who are swimming through some dark waters. Tabatha’s techniques and practical motivational tools have reminded me of the importance of self-care.

Working with Tabatha has helped me retain my strength and maintain my health, so that I can continue swimming beside people rather than sink with them.
— Client, Age 43, Integrative Psychotherapist, Social Worker

I frequently draw upon my coaching sessions with Tabatha.

Whether as a result of her teachings or through her direct, but heartfelt questioning, she’s been able to strike an internal chord to push me along my personal development path.

Tabatha is a servant leader who is driven by her love for others and desire to make a positive impact on the world.
— Client, Age 32, Marketing Professional, Business Management, Investor

Using Tabatha’s guided affirmations, I now accept the threads of my life that I find painful or less than perfect.

With Tabatha’s guidance, I find myself able to reweave the fabric of my life and to love every aspect of it knowing that each and every thread makes the ones next to it more beautiful.  

I am more patient and accepting of the people who pass through my day.  

She has helped me to find new ways of sharing with others my joy of creatively expressing the experience of life through art.
— Client, Age 65, Artist, Business Owner

Tabatha has gifted me the tools to find acceptance and alignment within myself.

Her compassionate teachings have allowed me to discover true happiness and have inspired me to live my best life.

She has given me peace.
— Client, Age 24, Graduate Student, Entrepreneur


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